Delray Beach Traffic Attorney Doug Leifert Comments on Traffic Tickets

Florida_driving.jpgSouth Florida traffic lawyer Doug Leifert was recently quoted in a Sun Sentinel article about the increase in DUI convictions and traffic citations over the last few years.

According to Leifert, “My office is busier and busier every year. Without even looking at the stats, I can tell you the increased enforcement is obvious.”

Comparing Leifert’s statement to the actual statistics shows that Palm Beach County drivers did in fact get more traffic tickets in 2008 compared to the previous year. In fact, every category of traffic citations increased in 2008, but the most dramatic increase was in more serious cases like DUI and fleeting police.

While Palm Beach County saw up to an 85% increase in DUI convictions last year, in part because of prior statistical reporting issues, Broward County and the state of Florida actually saw traffic citations drop. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office doubled its DUI unit and did several new specialized operations focused on speeding and DUIs, which may partly explain the discrepancy.

Palm Beach County records 85 percent increase in 2008 DUI convictions; all traffic citation categories rise, South Florida Sun Sentinel, October 1, 2009
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