In Broward County, Prosecutors Corruption Investigation Continues

Our Broward County criminal defense lawyers have been following a developing story about allegations of corruption involving a sitting Broward county commissioner and School Board member. According to federal prosecutors, the investigation continues, but they would not comment on many details.


On Wednesday, FBI agents arrived at the Government Center in downtown Fort Lauderdale and set up shop in the executive suite of offices used by county officials. They reportedly also went to the district’s downtown headquarters to speak with School Board members and pull voting records of the suspect.

One School Board member was arrested on Wednesday, and a Florida defense attorney said it’s likely that more people will be arrested. Among the possible defenses in these types of cases are suggesting there was not a direction admission of a crime or that undercover agents entrapped the defendant into going along with the crime.

Prosecutors say corruption inquiry in Broward continues, South Florida Sun Sentinel, September 23, 2009
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