Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer – Police Lure Suspects With Promise of Cash

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Brian S. Leifert, a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer recently heard about a creative police setup called “Operation Show Me the Money.” Fort Lauderdale police sent letters to over a hundred suspects in the Fort Lauderdale area promising hundreds of dollars in stimulus money. In order to collect, the suspects had to call and make an appointment to meet in the War Memorial Auditorium.

Fort Lauderdale Police Trap

The auditorium was decked out with banners and American flags to create a false sense of legitimacy. The bogus agency was dubbed the South Florida Stimulus Coalition and used the slogan “helping jump-start the economy.”

Eighty-two people showed up for their appointments to collect their supposed stimulus money and undercover Fort Lauderdale officers verified their identities and confirmed their warrants were still outstanding before making arrests. Seventy-six people were arrested for crimes ranging from failure to provide child support to attempted second-degree murder. A police spokesman said the operation was a success.

Crime doesn’t pay: Cash giveaway brings 76 arrests, South Florida Sun Sentinel, August 27, 2009
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