Palm Beach Speeding Ticket Lawyer Discusses Mobile Van That Nabs Speeding Motorists

In Juno Beach, Florida, community members are divided on the issue of a mobile white van that was added four months ago to monitor speeding drivers. The van has already resulted in about 4,000 traffic citations, generating over $250,000 in revenue for the town. It catches an average of 35 speeding drivers per day.

If someone is traveling more than 9 mph over the speed limit, they are mailed a $125 citation for the first offense. The fee doubles for second offenders. The citation is a civil penalty that does not go on the driver’s record; however, their driver’s license can be suspended if the fine is not paid after 60 days.

According to town officials, the unmanned van frees up police officers for more important tasks while ensuring that drivers are traveling at a safe speed. However, some members of the community allege that the van is purely a cash cow for the town. In fact, some say the van causes unsafe conditions because drivers slam on their brakes when they see the van.

Juno Beach counts the money as unmanned van boosts speeding tickets, August 10, 2009
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