Broward Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer: Florida Police Say New Breathalyzer on Board Cut Testing Time in Half

Florida_breathalyzers.jpgLast week, the Lakeland Police Department introduced its latest tool in fighting drunk driving. Their new 2009 Dodge Charger is fully equipped with an in-car Breathalyzer testing system. Police say their new vehicle will half the time it takes to perform a blood-alcohol test.

Before LPD received the Dodge Charger “police package,” which comes with front and rear radar in addition to the Breathalyzer unit, police had to process a Breathalyzer test about an hour after the initial stop. Police say that having a quicker testing time will make DUI cases stronger in court. The car was given to the police department by the Florida Department of Transportation and began patrolling Lakeland’s streets last week.

The vehicle is valued at around $55,000.

LPD’s Dodge Charger Has A Breathalyzer on Board, The Ledger, August 3, 2009
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