Broward County Shoplifting Attorney – Florida Cop Buys Groceries for Woman Caught Shoplifting

Broward Shoplifting Attorney.jpgHere’s a story that made our Broward County Shoplifting Lawyers view law enforcement in a slightly different light. In Tampa, Florida, a police officer says he personally paid for almost $70 in grocery items for a woman caught shoplifting from a Sweetbay Supermarket.

The woman told police corporal Vince Sallimo that she shoplifted the items because she could not afford to buy diapers, baby formula, and food for her kids. She also said her husband was being deported and that she had been evicted. Sallimo reportedly paid for the items himself after hearing her story of hardship.

In light of the woman’s situation, Sweetbay Supermarket has chosen not to press shoplifting charges against her.

Cop pays for shoplifter’s grocery items,, July 29, 2009
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