Violent Crime Up in Some South Florida Cities

Florida_crime_stats_FBI.jpgAccording to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, violent crime decreased last year across the county, but it is on the rise in some South Florida cities.

Homicides went up six for a total of 18 in West Palm Beach, while the overall number of murders nationwide declined. West Palm Beach rapes also increased, though West Palm Beach’s population shrunk by around 2,600 people last year according to state statistics. A spokesman for the West Palm Beach police said that overall, crime was down 17 percent; despite increases in certain types of crimes, there were 193 fewer violent crimes last year.

In Fort Lauderdale, rape increased by 17 to a total of 73, while robbery rose 112 to a total of 848. The population in Fort Lauderdale remained roughly the same. Burglaries also increased in Fort Lauderdale. The FBI noted that with the economy in a slump, more people are turning to non-violent crimes like burglary or larceny.

FBI: Violent crime down nationally, up in some South Florida cities, South Florida Sun Sentinel, June 2, 2009
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