Miami-Dade Traffic Lawyer: Court Inundated with SunPass Violations

Florida_traffic_court.jpgUntil recently, South Florida drivers could simply go to the clerk’s office and pay their ticket without seeing a judge or having their driving record impacted. But a change in state law has meant that Sun Pass violators must now appear in court to avoid points against their driving record.

The result is that Miami-Dade Traffic Court is seeing double its normal caseload. In fact, last year Sun Pass violations amounted to almost a third of all traffic citations. Judges and other officials worry that this will strain the resources of the Miami-Dade Traffic Court.

The Turnpike says it is working to reduce court filings with a campaign to ensure that drivers pay violations during a 51-day grace period. They are also scouring more databases and post office lists for current address of delinquent customers, since out-dated addresses has been an issue in the past. Some elected officials in both Orlando and Miami are working to remove penalties against the driving records of from SunPass violators.

Sunpass toll tickets clog Miami-Dade Traffic Court, Miami Herald, June 6, 2009
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