Broward County Pretrial Release Program a Mixed Bag

Florida_inmate.jpgAccording to a new audit prompted by county commissioners, Broward County defendants are getting released from prison more quickly thanks to increased funds allotted to the county’s pretrial services program. However, they are also spending more time under out-of-jail supervision awaiting resolution of their cases, which could potentially strain the county’s resources and limit space for new defendants.

In recent years, the average amount of time that defendants spend in the program has been increasing steadily. In fact, in the first six months of this fiscal year, the length of stay increased 37% compared to last year.

About 8% of Florida inmates are getting released from jail and into the pretrial services program, which uses less expensive methods to supervise defendants instead of housing them in jail as they await trial, which costs upwards of $100 per day. However, supervision costs are 150% higher in Broward County as opposed to Palm Beach due to higher salaries and a higher level of supervision.

Broward pretrial release program gets mixed reviews, Miami Herald, June 4, 2009
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