Boca Raton Traffic Attorney Discusses Red-Light Cameras

Boca_Raton_traffic_lawyers.JPGEarlier this week, Boca Raton’s City Council approved plans to add red-light cameras at 10 intersections in Boca Raton, plus install parking meters at the beach and Mizner Park. Many cities in Florida and around the country already have paid parking and red-light cameras to catch and fine those who run traffic lights.

Adding red-light cameras to several Boca Raton intersections is expected to generate an additional $1 million for the city at a time when council members are struggling to close an estimated $4 million budget gap for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

The council was divided on the issue, because some worried that fining drivers who run red lights would make the city appear less welcoming to visitors. Some also voiced concerns that the city might face lawsuits from Florida drivers involved in rear-end collisions.

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