Two Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Coral Springs Police Officer

South_Florida_rifle.jpgTwo men were arrested in connection with the Saturday evening shooting of a Coral Spring police officer. As of yesterday, Jeremiah Derico, 20, and Yancy Polk, 24, were being held without bond. They are accused of robbing an Advance Auto Parts store, then fleeing the scene after threatening workers with an assault rifle.

Police Officer Paul Kempinski, 27, chased both men, and the suspect fired at him, piercing the officer’s legs, arm, and his side with bullets. Kempinksi was listed in stable condition at North Broward Medical Center. Today he will undergo surgery on his left arm, which was pierced by a bullet.

Polk is charged with attempted murder. Police officers announced yesterday that Polk faces three more counts of attempted murder for allegedly shooting at three other officers, two Coral Springs officers and one a Coconut Creek police officer. Those three police officers were not injured. In addition to attempted murder charges, Polk is charged with armed burglary, kidnapping, and shooting into an occupied dwelling. Deico is charged with attempted murder and armed robbery.

Dozens donating blood today in honor of injured Coral Springs police officer, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 26, 2009
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