Florida Firefighter Gets Probation for Petit Theft of Severed Foot

Today, a St. Lucie County Fire District firefighter who had originally faced up to 60 days in jail for second-degree petit theft charges was sentenced to six months probation. Cynthia “Cyndy” Economou, 38, admitted to taking the severed foot and part of a leg from a man who was seriously injured in a car crash on Interstate 95 last year.

The Assistant State Attorney had asked that the firefighter be sentenced to five days in jail for the five days that the defendant had the severed foot before giving it to authorities. The defendant discovered the foot an hour after the accident victim was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. She said she did so to help train her body-recovery dog.

The judge called the case “highly unusual” and said that the defendant’s other accomplishments, including founding an organization to train physically, emotionally, or mentally challenged people to compete in Special Olympics equestrian events, outweighed her bad judgment in this case.

St. Lucie County firefighter who took severed foot gets probation, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 29, 2009
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