Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyer: Recession and Law Enforcement

Everybody is feeling the economic slowdown, especially government in Palm Beach County. With declining property values and declining consumption, the Government is faced with declining revenues which are based on these values. Instead of tightening budgets, eliminating positions and consolidating operations, government’s answer in Palm Beach County is to increase fines and also the amount of traffic tickets being issued. As a Palm Beach County criminal defense lawyer, I’ve seen this first hand.

palm beach county traffic stop

We are all being targeted with special enforcement with the goal being to fill the government coffers with money generated from traffic violations. Fines and Court costs have increased dramatically over the last year as have the amount of Palm Beach County traffic tickets being issued.

Driving defensively and with strict observations of all traffic laws will help you avoid being selected by police for some special enforcement and revenue generation. Drivers need to be vigilant to increased law enforcement activity and expect to see increased patrols and prolific traffic ticket writing for the foreseeable future.

Does anybody know of any Palm Beach County police officers losing their jobs? Something to think about……

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