On Cellphone Video: Broward Deputy Drags Mentally Ill Woman by Feet

This past week, the Sun Sentinel reported on a story that’s been making national headlines ever since: a Broward County Deputy dragged a woman through a courthouse by her feet.

The officer, who pulled the woman by the shackles around her ankles, has been placed on restricted duty while an internal investigation is being conducted.

The woman, especially in light of the fact that a court had recently determined she was “mentally incompetent,” deserves better. Our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know that just because you’re a defendant in a case doesn’t mean you’ve lost your rights.

Foolish Crimes Serve as Warnings

As our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know, a couple of ostensibly incomprehensible crimes committed recently in South Florida serve as reminders that the actions we take have consequences.

These offenses, which we will discuss in this post, demonstrate what not to do.

While one details a crime perhaps carried-out with no malicious intent, and another indicates a severe lack of control, both should be regarded as warnings that the law often pays little mind to the reasons for which a crime might have been committed.

Las Vegas “Road Rage” Killing Actually Self Defense?

People all across the country have been shocked by a seemingly senseless fatal shooting in Las Vegas, NV, one which apparently stemmed from an earlier road rage incident.

As our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know, no case is straight-forward; one must consider all possibilities and angles when analyzing a criminal case, especially one involving charges of murder.

While first reported as a clear-cut road rage-fueled shooting, the defense attorney for the 19-year-old defendant is now saying that the shooting was in fact carried-out in self defense.

Ice Ice Baby: ’90s Rapper Arrested for Burglary in Palm Beach

The former rapper known as Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, was arrested in Lantana on Wednesday on suspicion on burglary and grand theft.

According to the Lantana Police Department, burglary and grand theft charges are most likely forthcoming; Van Winkle is suspected of entering a vacant home, at some point between December and this month, and removing items including pieces of furniture, a pool heater and bicycles.

As our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know, the vacant home did indeed have an owner, one who was displeased with the fact that the former rapper helped himself to the contents of the house.

Florida Halts Execution Amidst Lethal Drug Issues

The Florida Supreme Court has halted the execution of a convicted murderer originally scheduled for tomorrow amid questions over whether or not the use of Florida’s lethal injection drugs amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibits the infliction of cruel and unusual punishment, meaning that if the use of such lethal drugs meets the standard of cruel and unusual punishment, using them as a method of execution would be unconstitutional.

Our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know that the issue of lethal drug constitutionality is one that has made headlines across the country, most noticeably in recent months, after a series of botched executions have caused unimaginable suffering.

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