South Florida Traffic Attorneys Discuss Out-of-State Tickets

At our Broward County traffic ticket law firm, clients often ask if it matters when they get a ticket outside of Florida. The short answer is yes. That unpaid traffic ticket from your trip to the Grand Canyon could complicate the process of renewing your Florida driver’s license. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

There are three major databases that track information on your driver’s license. There’s the National Driver Register (NDR, also called the Problem Driver Pointer System), which monitors drivers who have had their licenses revoked or suspended. It also lists drivers who’ve been convicted of serious traffic violations like driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. There’s no guarantee that your license application will get denied simply because you’re on this list, but it’s the not the kind of company you want to keep.

That traffic ticket would actually follow you across state lines through the Driver License Compact (DLC) and the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC). Basically, the DLC makes a traffic violation in another state the equivalent of a violation here in Florida. With a few exceptions, if you fail to pay a traffic ticket from another state, your home state can suspend your license until you resolve the issue.

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Miami Law Firm Discusses Fugitives in South Florida

Our criminal defense attorneys recently read an article on South Florida’s fugitive unit. The region apparently attracts fugitives for several reasons. One is that South Florida is a relatively easy place for foreign criminals to enter without permission. Another is that South Florida’s multiracial, multilingual environment makes it easier for fugitives to blend in.

According to a supervisory deputy, marshals captured roughly 36,000 federal fugitives in 2008 and assisted in the capture of 73,000 state and local fugitives. Many of these arrests occurred in South Florida. During a 10-week period in 2008, marshals collaborated with officers from the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force and arrested over 2,000 people on outstanding warrants for crimes such as murder, rape, and gang violent. The campaign was called Operation Orange Crush.

Marshals says they are able to track fugitives based on friend or family connections or if they try to use a credit card or buy property. Getting stopped for a traffic violation can also result in a fugitive arrest.

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Florida Police Arrest Former Heavyweight Champ on Drug Charges

Our Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys have learned that Oliver McCall, the former world heavyweight champion was arrested earlier this month on a drug offense. According to Fort Lauderdale police, McCall was arrested on cocaine possession charges and is also charged with violating probation for a previous offense.

The 44-year-old fighter has had previous drug-related issues and served jail time for charges including crack cocaine possession.

Some boxing experts predict the arrest could mark the beginning of the end for McCall, who has since been removed from headlining an eight-fight card that was scheduled for last Tuesday. However, McCall’s son Elijah will still be part of the fight.

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Facebooking Teen in Florida Attempting to Sue Principal

Our Miami defense attorneys have been following a case involving a South Florida school principle and a teen who was suspended for setting up a Facebook page criticizing one of her teachers. The student took down the page and later sued the principle for violating her First Amendment rights.

The principal had attempted to have the suit thrown out, but a magistrate judge ruled that the teen will have her day in court. The Florida lawsuit is moving forward, and it could create a precedent for punishing students for speed outside the classroom as well as students’ free speech on social networking sites.

A lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the law needs to adapt to the changing internet landscape.

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South Florida Defense Attorneys Discuss Taser Hazards

By now, most of us have seen video clips of the University of Florida student who was tasered and arrested at a John Kerry forum in 2008. But while the verb “tase” has become part of our pop culture lexicon, Tasers can inflict serious harm. That’s why a recent editorial decries the use of Tasers by police, particularly in cases where the suspect has not resisted arrest.

According to the editorial, over 350 people have died in Taser-related incidents. In some case, a 17-year-old died when officers tasered the teen without talking to or identifying him. Tasers by definition give a sudden shock to the central nervous system which not everyone can withstand.

Our South Florida criminal defense law firm is very concerned about this issue and urged police officers to treat Tasers as they would any other potentially lethal weapon.

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